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Top Things to Do in New York
November 13, 2021
New York belong to the most famous cities in the world. As a capital of United States, it is a famous financial and trade centre where you can find plenty of things to do and visit popular attractions. The top sites in New York are Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and numerous world famous museums. A lot of best places to visit in New york are within walking distance of each other, which make it easier to get around. Any time of year and any time of day there are endless options what to do and see in New York.
Top Things to Do in Dubai
November 12, 2021
Dubai is a famous tourist city in the United Arab Emirates. There are many attractions, activities, excursions or tours, dinner cruises and best places for swimming you can do and visit in Dubai. Dubai offers one of the best beaches in the world during all seasons, even in winter. You can also enjoy Dubai skyscrapers, modern architecture built on former desert, and tasteful dining bites, thrilling theme park rides or traditional Emirati experiences including traditional markets with spices or gold. Dubai belongs to the richest cities in the world. Some Dubai incredible attractions are expensive, but others are completely free!
What to Do in Dubai For a Week
November 05, 2021
Are you planning to spend one week in Dubai and you are looking for ideas for a good itinerary? Modern city of Dubai is famous for bright blue waters of the sea of Persian Gulf, modern architecture with the tallest building in the world, many luxury hotels, great aquarium, artificial islands, waterparks, boat trips, flamingos. Here you can find also one of the biggest shopping malls in the worlds, plenty of adrenalin activities or traditional souks and old buildings od Dubai. If you have a week to spend in Dubai, there is much to do and see. We offer some ideas how to spend one week in Dubai to help you plan your stay and discover all the must-see attractions and places of this United Arab emirates capital.
Things to Do in Dubai with Friends
November 01, 2021
Dubai is modern glittering city filled with plenty top attractions for everyone. Whether you love to explore modern city or its historic part, or if you are a lover of wilderness and desert, you will find everything you are looking for in Dubai. This popular tourist destination offers warm sea with beautiful long sandy beaches and 365 sunny days all-year-round. If you are looking for things to do in Dubai with friends, check out our must-see list of top activities that you can enjoy in Dubai with friends.

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